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JFK did not kill the hat. Hats began to decline in popularity almost in direct proportion to the rise of the automobile, as more people spent less time outdoors and more time inside their cars.

a strong finish: the optimo ribbon

Not just another detail—a ribbon’s width, color and texture can transform a hat’s character.The Optimo Ribbon

The ribbon is a critical design element and we search for the very best available. We carry the finest modern ribbons from all over the world, as well as vintage finds from Europe and rarities from now defunct hatteries in the U.S. From this vast collection, we are able to pick just the right ribbon for each hat and for each client.
The Optimo hat is finished with these fine ribbons, which are always folded and sewn by hand. Our sewers use unique folding techniques and traditional millinery stitches to craft the bow and ensure no thread is visible. Glue is never used.

Name: Wayne Brewster

When did you get your first hat? I was 18-years-old.

Why Optimo? I love Graham’s passion—he’s just ‘got it.’ I’ve been coming for 11 years and own about 40 hats. When I’m not buying I get my hats cleaned and blocked. I just love the whole vibe here and am really proud of what Graham has accomplished.

Favorite hat story: I hate baseball caps so much that I’ve been known to go jogging in my fedora.